Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tale of Two Trees

People sometimes make fun of me because I try to have my Christmas shopping done by December. Well for those of you who don't know, December is a crazy, busy month. Just this past weekend we were finally able to put up our trees. Yup, we put up two trees.
The first is the main tree, a live tree, and the one in our living room that most everyone sees. Since Connor is actually old enough to understand baby Jesus and that Santa comes, it was really fun to decorate with him this year.

Last year we just didn't put decorations on the bottom foot of the tree so they wouldn't get eaten. This year he's out of that stage, so the bottom part of the tree is filled with wooden or hard-to-break ornaments. It's Connor's little area, where he is free to remove and replace ornaments--which he does about three times a day. But breakable or not, he is obviously still quite impressed by them.

Our second tree is in Adam's office. When we got married, Adam brought with him a nice collection of sports ornaments and we or our family members add to it every year. We have John Elway, basketball snowmen, bells in the shape of cardinals, cardinals, cardinal ornament balls, just plain basketballs, and many more. And the tree-topper is Santa Claus...dressed in a basketball uniform and holding a basketball (of course...are ya catchin' on to the theme?). The first year we were married, we were in apartments where we weren't allowed to have a live tree, so we bought this little 4 ft. tree. A couple of years ago we realized that it would be the perfect place to display Adam's collection, and we could put it in his already-UofL-themed office with a few strings of red and white lights. Adam gets really excited to put this up every year, and it's really grown on me, too. Most of the shows we like on TV we miss, so we watch them later on the computer in his office while lounging on the guest bed...and now we get to do it by Christmas-tree light.


Erin said...

That video of Connor is so cute... I love hearing the "wow"'s. Haha.

The Welborn Family said...

I'm all about themed trees! (I secretly wish I could leave one up all year and decorate according to holidays-New Year's, Valentine's, St.Patty's, etc, etc.)

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Wow! That was So cute. And I am jealous of your shopping strategy, I was way behind! And I don't think you need a video of me singing--you heard me in the background bountifully enough but I could go for a video of Scotty doing Feliz Navidad :)

Lynnie said...

these are awesome trees Kristen. I'm impressed with the one in Adam's office - it would have been awesome to see it up but nice and cozy with us in there too. i'm stealing pictures off your blog to finally try to blog our trip!

Shannon said...

I love the picture of Connor putting the star on top of the tree!

Geneil said...

:D Junior Mint ice cream is the best mint chocolate ice cream I have ever encountered... there's a Southern California grocery store chain called Stater Brothers that makes it. Here's the best part: it's the double-churned kind, so it's the "good for you" kind—less fat and whatnot. Hooray! :D I don't know if you can order it online... the first time we found it, we thought it was just seasonal, but it's there all the time (and therefore in our freezer all the time!). So the next time you're in Southern California, you can try some!

Also, it makes me happy that you have two trees! We have one little teeny one because we've always lived in teeny places, and we're quite fond of it. But someday we'll have a big one (or two).