Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wheelchair Racing at the Zoo

Last Friday we decided to venture out to the zoo and give C some space to roam with the new chair. We didn't quite get to see as many animals as we wanted because he was too busy driving. He's only driven it four or five times, and he is already twice as good as he was at the beginning. He is really learning fast. On this trip, he figured out the "speed" button, that adjusts the speed up and down at four different levels. On the slowest speed, I have to walk slowly beside him, but at the fastest speed I have to do a super fast walk/very slow jog to keep up with him. He would say, "Now I'm going to go fast", and hit the button and take off. And only once did I get my flip-flop ran over...when he got a little distracted and didn't leave enough space for me to walk beside him.


He did stop and take one ride the carousel with his Daddy.


I am so excited to have this chair. He LOVES driving it and finally having his independence. We got the EOB from our insurance yesterday...they billed $37,000 for the thing and all its parts. Granted, that is the billed amount and what insurance has actually contracted to pay them will be thousands less, but still it made me very, very grateful for the blessing of having that Medicaid program as his secondary insurance because of his diagnosis. I am also so, so thankful for a pediatrician who pushed us to apply for it when we did even though we really didn't see the need back then. Much of this stuff we have to do is really hard to face, but there are awesome little blessings all along the way.


Lynnie said...

oh my goodness. he is all growed up. and i think we'd better stay apart for a few months cause i'm pretty sure nathan would be so jealous over that wheelchair that he'd knock c down just to be able to drive it.
and look at the grin on his face. he absolutely loves it.

Geneil said...

This is SO COOL. And I mean that in the grown-up, reverent way--thank heaven for tender mercies!--AND in a first-grade-boy-who-wishes-he-had-powerful-wheels way. :-D

LewisMcLaughlinFamily said...

He looks so happy in his new wheelchair.

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

How could you not smile looking at that happy face? Hooray! Is it weird to think he looks older and taller? So happy for you guys! :)

Laura said...

AWESOME! I'm so glad for all of the blessings you have had amid the trials. C looks so happy having his independence :)

Carrie said...

This is awesome!! Way to go C!! I love all the little blessings that I didn't realize were blessings until I look back--When I realize all the blessings, that is when I feel the most at peace and that everything will work out okay. Hm, that's not worded very well, but I'm sure you know what I mean!