Thursday, May 21, 2009

In My Pretty Garden

When I was a child, and even into high school, I would see my mother reading a gardening magazine or book quite often. She knows the names of so many flowers, and I remember quite a few times when she would tell me the name of some wildflower we'd pass on the side of the road. I always wondered how she could possibly be so interested in flowers that she could spend so much of her time learning about them. But because it seemed to make her so happy, I passed it off as some sort of specialized hobby and accepted it for what it was.

Now I know. I know that planting a flower makes you feel like you're doing something to make your home more beautiful, and a happier place. And that somewhere deep inside you feel that if planting a flower makes your family happy, then doing it makes you happy, too.

And so I garden. Not like my mother does, but I do my little bit that is enough to make me feel content that I've done something good as I walk through our yard.I do not yet have a daughter of my own, but I have a son who loves to sit by me and play while I work...because of course he would never pass up an opportunity to dig in the dirt. We got him his own kid garden tools and "boy" garden gloves (they are blue with worms on them), and he has been asking every day if it is a "warmer" day so we can garden. And though I know he would just as soon rip a flower to pieces as plant it, I am very grateful for this season where he and I can share something that makes us both smile.


Scott & Traci said...

He is so cute! Great picture too! I feel the same way about flowers, I need to be more interested in them, we do have a plant in our apartment, I guess the planting comes later with a house ;) I am excited to see more pictures of your beautiful yard!

Lynnie said...

ah! we got the same gloves just last night at Target to give Nathan for his b-day - except we're passing them off as "work" gloves to go work on the farm with John.
And right on about the flowers. John can't figure out why I would waste my time with pretty things that can't be eaten but they just make me feel better.

Betsy said...

Love the pictures of your family, Connor is such a cutie, We've GOT to get out there to visit you guys!
I love you Krissie,

The Welborn Family said...

I love to plant things but they just don't grow, so I gave up. I am dubbed the "cactus killer" at my house. Good to know there are people like you, so that people like me can drive by your yards and admire pretty flowers! :)

Andrea G. said...

I'm impressed. What a good mom you are... I'm still working on my gardening skills. The picture of Conner is precious!