Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everybody Has/Needs a Cell Phone

A few days ago, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and our new little niece stopped by to visit. Connor has quickly caught on to the fact that most everyone has a cell phone these days. So his Aunt Jess wasn't there very long before he was asking to see her cell phone. He remember from the last time he saw her that there was a picture of her dog on the phone, and he was dying to see it. Then he said he needed to call somebody, so Jess dialed her husband's number and Connor took it from there.

He cracked us up. I was very impressed with how important he seemed to think it was to share the phone with the baby. Lucky for her, she slept through the whole thing. The frog was a toy he found in his toy closet (with some guidance) because he insisted she needed one. I'm so excited to see him as a big brother.


Laura said...

OH my goodness! What a sweet boy he is!!! That was such a cute video! :) I love that he had Genevieve "talk", too. So adorable!

The Welborn Family said...

He is so funny! He will make an awesome big brother! :)

Shane, Janell and Jilli said...

OMG! that was so cute!! He is so cute!!!!!!! i love him and i havent even met him.