Monday, October 12, 2009

C's 3rd Birthday's been over a month and I'm just now getting around to posting about C's birthday. I know I said I wouldn't be posting again until we move, but I woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep and I'm sure not packing any boxes right now.
Connor is one of those very blessed kids that gets three you'll see. He really got into his birthday this year, much more than he has any other year so far. (And actually he thinks another one should be coming soon and asks me about it several times a week.) I think I now have him convinced that Christmas will be really cool, too, because he keeps suggesting we should write a letter to Santa. Unfortunately, his letter right now would include a pickup truck he can drive so we're waiting it out to see if that phase passes. The other day we had his first "see the commercial and want the toy" moment...and I know there is only more yet to come.

This is his birthday with our DeLuca family. Elsie's birthday was just about a month after C's so she was pretty into it, too. She is so gorgeous you can hardly help from taking a picture.

This is at his Peterson family's house. My mom made some "Lightning A-queen pupcakes" for him. (A really cool cupcake post is coming soon....) He is just starting to get into Star Wars, and figuring out what is funny. When we asked him how old he was now, he said,"I'm a Jedi!". Awesome.
And this is from his birthday at home. (His last one at this house...sniff, sniff.)

While I will be the first to admit he gets a little spoiled sometimes, I would also be the first to tell you that he really has no idea about it. All he knows is that there a lots of people around him who love him a bunch. And we wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy, who's not a baby anymore.


Kristen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, C!!! :) You are such a wonderful mom for that sweet boy, Kristen. What a great gift he gets to enjoy every day.

Rich and Liz Harris said...

So cute!!