Thursday, October 8, 2009

Moving and Missing

Right now I'm sitting in our office, which is looking very bare. The closet is almost completely empty, and there is a tall empty bookcase sitting next to a very full box in need of taping. I suppose I should close it right now and get on to more packing, but I'm taking a break cause I deserve it. But I am sure this will probably be our last post until we get settled again.

It seems like we've been waiting forever to offer/half offer after another has really led us to feel like it would never happen...and yet suddenly it's here. We'll be out of this house in a week. I feel sort of like I did when I was eight months I've been looking forward to something for so long that I hardly remember things not being the way they are now, but perched on the edge of the big change and suddenly wondering if I'm really ready.

We were in our little apartment when we first got married for about a year, but the other five + years of our marriage were spent here. Adam got his first real job here, we were pregnant here, we brought C home from the hospital to this house, and I remember many of the ups and downs of the last few years by where I was in the house when whatever it was happened. I feel like I should go through the house and take pictures of every room--just to remember it as it is, but I know I'd never really look at them.

And really, it's not just the house, but the whole community. I will admit...I won't miss the crazy teenagers running up and down the road, or the weird people that frequent the Shelbyville Walmart, or trying to make it down US 60 during Shelbyville's rush hour which is not caused by traffic but instead by people who all drive 40mph as their max speed. But we will miss the family five minutes away, the librarian and the awesome library program, our crazy "conspiracy theory" neighbor, the neighbor who thinks cigarettes are a fifth food group, the tractor stores and train overpass we go by on the way to just about anywhere that totally make C's day, the beautiful park with walking paths, a pool, a gym, and camping soooo close, and all the wonderful people at our church that have enriched our lives in countless ways.

Wow, if I'm not careful I might really talk my way out of this. But I guess when I really think it through I know that what makes all of this so great is people, not buildings. As my mom says, "People are more important than things." We will dearly miss all those who have influenced our lives for good over these past five years. And even if we have to leave this house behind, you can be sure we'll always keep those memories in our hearts.


Rich and Liz Harris said...

Good luck with the move! I'm guessing you're moving back to Louisville Metro, right?

Lynnie said...

oh kristen, this makes me sad just to read this. i've spent many a cold winter night on that office floor with all my kids shoved in around me! I can't imagine leaving my house right now - if i even think about it i get choked up since it holds so many memories. take the pictures and let them sit on your computer until you want to reminisce one day, then spent an hour looking at them. I would.

Whitney said...

Good luck with your move. Your sentiments were so poignant- you made me cry! Why is moving always so bittersweet?

Lyssa said...

Love you Kris. I'll miss your house too. Selfishly, I'm miss your pool more. :)

Carrie said...

I'm so happy that you guys finally sold your house! I understand the missing the house part...while it is just a "thing", it is also a connection to memories and letting go of that connection is hard.