Saturday, September 3, 2011

C Turns the Big 5

This week our little C turned five.  He woke up on the morning of his birthday and told me he was really glad he was five now because it was hard to hold down a finger for four. I told him he actually didn't have to hold up any fingers and could just say the number, and he has really latched on to that idea. :)
When asked what kind of birthday party he wanted, he promptly answered, "CARS!" (referring to the movie). Though this theme is a bit commercialized, we felt it was more important to give him what he wanted.  And I think he was happy...
Saw this idea on a blog, and it turned out to be pretty easy.

Pin the wheel on Lightning McQueen
License Plate Craft (materials from the Dollar Store!)
Mater and Lightning McQueen Relay Races

I've never seen a group of kids line up as fast as these kids did when they found out they could  get inside him to race.
And of course Mater was full wheelchair accessible.  It wrapped around back of C's power chair.
Pizza, watermelon, root beer, and CARS cupcakes!
C and his friend E even had the same CARS t-shirt.  This is their "silly face" picture.
Goodie Bags to say "Thank you!" 

His little smile at the end made the prep time totally worth it. He said, "Mom, this is the best birthday party I've ever been to in my whole life."  Such a sweet boy--he always melts my heart.  He almost makes me want to do it all over again tomorrow. Almost.


stalker sarah said...

Oh my goodness!! That does indeed look like the best birthday party ever! I LOVE the cars you made for the relay races! You are so darn crafty. I'm super jealous! Happy birthday to the awesome and wonderful C! Love him!

Merry said...

What a cute kid! You did a great job on that party!

Lynnie said...

You win mom of the year award. Happy Birthday Connor!

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Connor is looking so grown up! Holy cow, when did that happen? Happy Birthday C man, 5 is a great age to be (just ask our pediatrician, he says it's age appropriate at 5 to know everything, so be sure to teach your mom some stuff ;)).

Jeffrey and Monica said...

Those cars you made look awesome! Happy birthday Connor!