Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Goodness of Grandparents

As we are pulling together the photos for the adoption, I just cannot get over some of these cute pics with the grandparents. Adam and I feel truly blessed to have the parents we do. It is a hard balance to find--to let your children be adults and manage their own lives, but still be there and willing to lend help when needed. And it seems like we have been through a lot lately, and they have all four been right there to help. I cannot even imagine the length of the list of all the ways they have blessed our lives.

This is Dennis and Kay's cool swingset they put up in their backyard for the grandkids. This is one of my very favorite pictures, because it shows just how much their grandchildren make them happy.

This is my dad and Connor in the brand new sandbox they got him for Easter to use when he visits their house. They do love Connor very much, but I think they also consider it an investment in grandkids yet to come.

Both of our sets of parents continually bless us with advice, their time, and sometimes a little extra something when life has put is in a tight spot. When we first got married, Adam and I joked that shopped for groceries at Kmart (or Kay's Mart, Adam's mom) and Sams Club (or San's Club--short for Sandy, my mom) because with our money so tight, our parents let us "shop" in their pantries to help out. And even now, we still to get groceries from both places occasionally.

We are so grateful for their love and that--come what may--they will always be behind us to give support if we need it.

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Jill said...

I enjoyed your post. Parents are wonderful, aren't they? I think my parents (and in-laws) really only come to visit us so they can see the kids. That's OK though. Here is the link I was telling you about: http://www.blurb.com/create/book/blogbook. I am very excited to do it too.