Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Accountant in the Family

So today, Connor totally blew me away. I mean, some days he gives me a surprise kiss on the cheek and that is really nice, but this was earth-shattering. He woke up from his nap, and in his usual pattern he started to tell me about everything he saw and everything he remembered that happened before his his little short 25 month old sentences. So then he sees a business card on the floor (one of our collection of doctor's cards), which he immediately identifies as a "blue coupon." So I tell him it is a card and that there are more on the counter but that one just fell off. So then he looks up at the counter and says, "Other coupons. One, Two, Three, Four, Five." I couldn't believe it!! Of course I've been counting things to him as long as I can remember, and I knew he could identify that there were up to three of something, but I had no idea he had all that memorized and could count in order! So I immediately call his dad to tell him what a genius child we have, and while I'm rehearsing the story I get to the part where I'm describing his counting and as I get to "five" he yells to me, "Six!" from across the room.

I guess it makes sense because Adam is a math genius (cause you know he didn't get it from me who cannot add basic numbers without a calculator) and an accountant, so I suppose it's just like father like son. But seriously...I don't know why Ernst & Young hasn't called for Connor yet.


Lynnie said...

what a brainiac. Nathan used to say "1, 2, 3" and point to things when he was like 18 months but then he digressed and hasn't since. And did you change your blog again? I'm getting jealous over here.

Jeffrey and Monica said...

Wow! That's a amazing! I would have been blown away too if Andrew did that to me! What a smart little guy!

Geneil said...

What a fun story! Connor is such a cute little guy, and smart too—sounds like his parents. :-)

I wanted to say hi, because I've been reading your blog! I'm so glad you found Merry and Anna, so that I could find you! :-) We've just barely started one up ourselves—come over and take a look sometime.

The Pearson Family said...

What a smart kid you have. Accountants are the coolest!