Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sweet New Ride

Yesterday, Connor and I took a little trip to Sams Club. We were supposed to be getting just milk, bacon, and these tasty Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers (which sadly btw Alyssa are NOT $6). But, of course you cannot walk out of Sams without spending at least $50, and we certainly did not make that escape yesterday either.
So I walk in the front door and what do I see? This! A bright red, black, and yellow tricycle! Connor immediately starts yelling, "Bike! Bike! Get bike! Buy bike! In cart! Get bike! Bike!" (Continue that on for about 5 minutes.)
Why, do you ask, am I, a supposedly grown-up adult-type person so excited about this strange little tricycle? Because this is the most SMA-friendly bike I have ever seen! It has a button to disengage the front pedals so you don't actually have to push them (because he really can't) foot pedals that flip down where he can rest his feet (he can do that), side supports that pivot from the back to wrap around him and snap together in front of him to give him lateral support (a must have), a seat that curves up a little in the back to give lower-back support, a mom-push handle that can actually turn the front wheel, and a mommy foot brake that will lock the back wheel. Plus, its theme is the Disney Cars movie and it makes cool noises.
I think everyone in Sams thought I was a crazy woman that I was on the verge of tears over a Disney tricycle, but I just never really thought he would be able to use anything like a bike! We are so excited!!


Erin said...

That is a sweet bike!

Kay DeLuca said...

That is an absolutely perfect bike for our boy! I am so glad you found such a wonderful addition to his fleet of vehicles!