Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Pirate & My Other Car is a Jeep

This past Wednesday was our weekly storytime at the library. It was pirate week so all the kids got to dress up in costume. Due to our Ike windstorm, most of the public schools in Jefferson County were out of school for a week so we were pleased to have Aunt Jenna accompany us. Connor bestowed upon her the special honor of wearing the free hat they gave us, since he already had his own.
I have to say that I truly love the library here. The children's librarian is absolutely wonderful with Connor, and has made us feel really at ease there even though he's not able to move around like the other toddlers. We read pirate books, pinned the eye patch on the pirate, and made a bag of gold...which unfortunately involved glitter (which I don't particularly care for) so Aunt Jenna stepped in and saved the day.
On Saturday, we had yet another person look at our house (still crossing our fingers), and afterwards just wanted to relax a little, so we took Connor out back for a ride in his "other" car, which he refers to as his "jeep." The tricycle is great for rides in the park because it folds up and mom can control where he goes, but with his jeep he's free to roam...with daddy trailing behind.


The Davis Crew said...

What a terrific blog...I need to learn some from you to make my blog better. What a cute family:).

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Too funny about the glitter--Davis spilled glitter glue all over the counter the other day and then I kept finding it everywhere and all I could think was Kristen would hate this! Great pirate garrrb! (okay I'm lame, can you tell I hang out with 2 year olds all day?)

Shannon said...

Ahoy! Everyone loves a good pirate party! I hope these people want to buy your house.