Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vacation Days

Adam had a few vacation days to burn, so he took off Thursday and Friday of this week. It really worked out well for us because Adam and I ended up with a stomach virus late Thursday night and Friday morning. But despite the illness, we really did get to do a lot and Connor had a great time.

Thursday night we went to the "World's Largest Halloween Party" at the zoo. As you come in, they have you walk down this path with hidden speakers on the side and recordings of people going, "Boo!" which was surprisingly scary (at least to me--Adam thinks I'm a sissy). They had the "This is Halloween" song from The Nightmare Before Christmas playing (which is still currently stuck in my head), and Connor wasn't quite sure what he thought of it all. But he was very brave, though he held to the sides of the wagon for dear life.

Luckily, it got much less scary after that. He quickly got into the groove of things, saying "Trick Ter Treat" as we pulled the wagon up to each booth where they were handing out candy.

There were storybook characters at different places around the zoo, so we made a few friends. (And according to Adam that Tinman was "playin' for the other team".) We even got to see what our little boy would have looked like had I married Willy Wonka instead. (No smile of course, because Oompa Loopma's don't smile.)
There were also a few scary the half-naked caveman by the fence (wait...aren't all cavemen half-naked?) and the headless horseman that came after us on the train. But we had a great time and will definitely be back next year.

On Saturday, after we were recovered from our little bout with illness (sorry, no pics of that), we took a trip to Gallrein Farms here in Shelbyville.

We went to the petting zoo and got to see a goat up close (our second experience with goats--after John & Lynnie's), but the sheep were a little loud so Connor held Daddy's hand. They had a big red tractor, which he loved, and about a million pumpkins.

Adam (who opted out of shaving for this vacation) verified the accuracy of their measuring tools, while I made friends with a nice witch. Then we hopped on the hayride for a trip out to the pumpkin patch.

And at the end of the day, it was time for a nice long nap.


LewisMcLaughlinFamily said...

That is so cool that you were at the pumpkin patch today because so were we. We were also at the zoo on Thursday, but not for the Halloween party. Did Connor pick the largest pumpkin he saw because our kids did.

HoffmanFamily2 said...

Super Cute!! Looks like a FUN weekend!! :) (except the stomach flu thingy, thats never fun! :( )

Geneil said...

I love that giraffe costume! :-D

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

It sounds like a great couple of days "off"--I don't think they are really ever "off" after you have kids, but they are more fun. Great shots of your family too, looks like fun!
P.S. I want to learn some of your silly songs, mine are getting old!

Shannon said...

I love Halloween at the zoo! We went Saturday and had a blast!