Monday, November 3, 2008

Mr. Independent's Halloween

This year was the first year Connor really got into Halloween. And of course we did all the usual stuff, which Mr. Independent had to be a part of but in his own way. Before Adam went out of town, we (finally!) carved our pumpkins from Gallrein Farms. Guess whose is whose!

Mr. Independent is very into knives. Don't ask me why--I promise we aren't violent people. He insists on having a knife at every we have some kid knives and cheeseball knives that are solely his. But instead of letting him anywhere near the sharp knives this time, we went the marker route.
Next, we went to our Storytime Halloween Party. Elsie (aka SuperGirl, aka Connor's cousin) is in our group as was as cute as always. They had tons of "pupcakes" there, and I tried to feed Mr. Independent his in hopes of preserving the costume. But alas, he would have none of it and insisted on holding it himself to eat. He did get frosting on his giraffe leg, but I think the spots hid it pretty well.

And finally, on Friday night, we went trick-or-treating. Mr. Independent was adamant the he ring each doorbell himself, and also that he needed to choose a piece of candy from the bowl instead of waiting for it to be placed in his "pumptin." (He got away with it because he is little and cute, but we're going to work on that for next year.) And when all was said and done, his favorite thing was not the tasty chocolate or yummy candies he got--nope, he just wanted to go home and eat the peanut butter crackers.


Megan La Rue said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time!
We had a lot of fun... this was the first time Austin really understood, so it was fun watching him go up to the door and knock and then yell "TWICKERTWEAT"

Conner is such a cutie!!! I Love his costume!

The Pearson Family said...

Wow, what a cute giraffe. I love the costume. Cody was a Dinosaur and had to make sure he told everyone at every door we went to what he was.