Monday, November 17, 2008

Weather Turning Colder...Time for Wheelchairs!

We woke up on Sunday morning to our first snow...okay so it was just a light dusting, but it was still fun to see. I've always loved the idea of a white Christmas (and that movie), but your dreams change a little when you get married, have a family, and have to drive around a bunch on Christmas day.

We knew toward the end of this year we'd be looking at getting a wheelchair for Connor...and that time has come! We had the wheelchair guy out to our house today for about the third time. I was really excited for him to come because the chair he was bringing out was a brand new model that lowers itself all the way to the Connor can crawl up in it all on his own! He's made it clear how independent he is, and I think this will really help him mobility-wise. Sometimes it is really hard to watch all the kids he's playing with run around and he's just left behind trying to crawl to catch up with them. This chair goes pretty fast, so I think he could probably beat a lot of them in a race (and probably mow them down--he's not too good at steering yet). And I know that a big ol' chair like this is not really advantageous for running around with little kids, but at least he'll be able to explore his environment and go where he wants to go. And he's only getting bigger so it is getting a little harder to carry him around--this should help with that, too. He'll probably just use this when we leave home for something, but I am still just so excited for him to have it and all the opportunities it will give him.

Connor even got to drive it all on his own...with Dad right next to him. In this video the chair is tilted back and moved out in front a little so it appears much longer that it would be in a normal position. But this thing can elevate him all the way up to reach the kitchen counter if he wants...not sure if that is totally a good thing.

Our next step is insurance approval. We are a little worried because the retail cost is about $24,000 (I know!! It's as much as new car!!). But they said they've gotten them approved before and he is delivering one next week to somebody else, so it is all a matter of justification I guess. We'll just hope for the best. Pray for our wheelchair!!


Merry said...

I loved watching this! I have a friend who's been in a wheelchair since she was about two, and I could just imagine her learning how to steer like Connor!

Erin said...

That thing is impressive! Connor looked like he was having fun with it! Praying for approval!

The Welborn Family said...

That chair is so cool! Connor looks like he is really enjoying it and almost frustrated they won't just let him go! He is so cute. It looks like you'll be painting the walls pretty soon...:D I'm praying for your wheelchair!

Erin said...

It doesn't show up when I open your blog, but when I opened your blog through Google Reader I could see the walking video where he's on the tread-mill lookin thing. He is SOOOO cute!! I love that video and how he just keeps talking the whole time. So cute. I need to meet this little man some day.

Lynnie said...

sweet ride connor. i'm sure nathan will be very jealous when we get there in a few weeks. better learn fast how to mow him down.