Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wii Love Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving. I can honestly say I have never eaten so many rolls...between Sarah's rolls and my mom's rolls over the last few days, I think I ate at least a dozen. And I don't regret a one...I love bread. If I were a superhero (and all moms are) that would be my kryptonite.
Anyway, Jenna's super-cool friend, Hannah, let us borrow her Wii for a few days, and with our extra time off around Thanksgiving we got in quite a few games. There are two really awesome things about the Wii. First, even if you are really horrible at a sport in real life, you can totally smoke all your friends on the Wii. And second, if you take pictures of people playing, it looks pretty hilarious.

(See. That was bowling in case you couldn't tell.)
Connor also quite enjoyed the Wii. His physical therapist actually suggested it as a good activity, and he took right to it and began practicing. (That is what he's saying, in case you can't tell.) Maybe Santa will bring us one for Christmas. Wii or you think we can convince the insurance to cover the Wii?

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The Welborn Family said...

So much fun! I love a Wii so much. We were getting one for Christmas, but Santa waited too long to put the order in. Such a high demand for them!