Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Iced In

These are adventurous times. Last night, with several inches of snow on the ground and an ice storm looming, we decided to make the perilous trip to my parents' house. Our gas logs weren't working, and with the threat of a power outage we thought it better to be where there was a generator, space heaters, a wood-burning fire place, lots of food, and we would be closer to Adam's work. An hour later, we made it there after passing an accident where an SUV was way off the shoulder of the freeway, in the woods where it had hit a tree facing backwards. Don't ask me how that happened.

The freezing rain started, and by 10pm we began to hear loud crashes as branches broke all over the neighborhood. Unfortunately, a rather large branch fell on my parents, old van. Luckily, their new Odyssey was safe in the garage. My dad, Jenna, and I ventured out to take a look, trying to be careful to avoid all the old trees that might have branches that could fall.
It was gorgeous and menacing at the same time, if that is possible...especially because we were due for 3 more inches of snow the next day.
This morning we woke up and got an even better picture of just how bad things are. School is cancelled for the rest of the week. So, in celebration, we took Connor out for his first try at sledding...and he loved it! We picked a path that was not underneath any trees and away we went!

Jenna had a few wipeouts.
Connor found out there was a very cool tool associated with snow...the snow shovel. He might have liked that even more than the sledding. The only shoes we brought were his slippers and we only had a 4T size snowsuit, so we rubberbanded the feet to keep the snow out (in case you were wondering why he looked like Lt. Dan).
Even when he got a little bit of snow in his eyes, he was still a good sport and wanted to go right back up the hill again.
And, my parents are in the minority that still has power, so we'll probably just stay holed up here tonight, and eat scones and play Wii, hoping for better weather tomorrow.


Megan La Rue said...

Stay safe and warm!
and have fun playing in the snow!!!

Jill said...

This was definately the week to hang out with family. I'm glad everyone is OK, it even looks like you guys had some fun.

The Welborn Family said...

So glad your parents still have power! Sounds like a vacation if you ask me. :) Ice storms are scary, but sure do make beautiful pictures! Throw a snowball or two for me!

Carrie said...

Crazy ice/snow storms! I'm glad you could go hang out with your family and everyone is safe. Say hi to everyone for me!

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Scary stuff, I'm so glad you are safe and warm and making the best of it. :)