Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The "Large Equipment" Mechanics

Ever since we got our new crib, Connor has been really into "fixing" things. The crib came with this little monkey wrench, and C carried it around with him everywhere for a week. For Christmas Santa brought him a "real" tool set, and he loves it. It came with this sweet tool belt that he likes to wear around. Whenever he sees Adam fixing something, he says he needs his screwdriver and proceeds to poke in the middle of whatever his dad is doing with his tools. Then, the other day he was being too quiet in his know, the too quiet where you know they are probably into some type of trouble. So I go in there, and this is what I see.

He was silently working and totally absorbed. So when I ask what he's doing, he tells me his firetruck was broken, and so of course he is fixing it.

Sure love that kid. And if he really had those skills I could have used him when earlier this week I ran over something in the road that ripped a hole down the side of my tire. Luckily, a real "large equipment mechanic" that works for the state of Kentucky stopped with his "cool" truck with flashing lights (according to C), and got us back on the road in no time. I could have changed it myself, but it was FREEZING outside, and I had no gloves/scarf/hat and a very thin jacket. Normally I would have been freaked out at a stranger stopping, but he did have a state vehicle with the seal and everything, and was obviously doing his best to make me recognize he wasn't creepy. He told me about his kids and that he lived in Waddy (a real town name) and that he'd want somebody to stop and help his wife if they were stuck on the side of the road in 15 degree weather. As I drove away, I saw him stopping again to help another car further down the road that obviously hit the same thing I did.

When we got back on our way I called Adam again to tell him what happened. (He would have come to help, but he was 30 minutes away and I knew he was having a very busy day at work so I convinced him I could do it myself.) He said he was glad I got help and that he had said a prayer for me. I'm pretty grateful that there are still good people in this world, and that God sends them your way when you need them.


Lynnie said...

connor fixing that firetruck is too cute kristen. glad he really likes the tools he got. how is he at fixing furnaces? send him our way and he can play mechanic with the other 4 guys in our basement all week.

Lyssa said...

Wow, kiddo, I love your son. I miss him and I just saw him this week. Love you lots.

Shannon said...

Connor is looking so old! I can't believe it--that tool thing is super cute. Loved the BYU quiz, too. I promise to post that one myself, soon. Can't wait to find my score.

anna said...

first off, how cool it is that he wants to be a mechanic and be like his dad, what a compliment to his dad! and second I am glad you didnt come across anything worse with your van, changing tires in cold, wet weather is no fun, so I am glad there are nice people too!!