Monday, January 5, 2009

The Sports Widow's Log

A few of Adam's friends' wives and I sometimes joke that we're sports widows. Except for us, our husbands pretty much live and breathe sports, and it is all they talk about when they get together. This year, I was privileged enough to actually be the one invited when Adam got two tickets to the University of Louisville (UofL) vs. University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) game on New Year's Eve. I had a great time, but I realized along the way that the experience was a little different for each of us...

Adam wanted to rush to our seats to see his favorite part--when they introduce the players.
I am completely focused on reaching the bathroom. I had a baby and now when I gotta go, I gotta go.
Adam notices how many Louisville fans are there for the sold out game.
I notice how funny the people look who are dressed in tuxedos and evening gowns--obviously going out after the game. But seriously, wearing heels in bleachers is asking for trouble.
Adam is already angry at Louisville who is already behind when we get to our seats.
I am THRILLED with our seats--5 rows from the floor!! I can yell at T-Will and he'll hear me! I can see the sweat on Rick Pitino's face and actually hear him yelling.
Adam yells at the refs for totally missing the fact that T-Will got fouled about 3 times on one lay-up.
I notice the ref is wearing pants with 4 (count em...4) pleats on EACH SIDE! Where could you even find pants like that? Uh, the 80s called. They want their pants back.
Adam tries to get up on a chair to wave his arms during UNLVs free throws (since we were behind the basket).
I wave my arms like a mad woman to join in, and Adam (lovingly) tells me I'm a dork. Little does he know I considered lifting my shirt up to fake-flash them....cause I had two shirts on underneath. I hope my mom's not reading this.
Adam gets excited by how loud everyone cheers when T-Will raises his arms up to get the crowd going after they take foul shots.
I am totally preoccupied by the peculiar woman seated beside me. During each foul shot, she rubs her hands together as if making a fire, and then does this whip up thing with her right arm and holds the Louisville "L" in the air. If they make the shot, she makes a swishing motion with her hand. And her face is completely blank, as if all her weird hand motions are as everyday as breathing.
Adam starts making a "T" sign with his hands and pointing it at the UNLV bench, along with the rest of the crowd.
I am completely befuddled as to why everyone is motioning for a timeout when UNLV has clearly already taken one. Turns out the "T" is for technical for their potty-mouth coach. Ahhhh.
Adam is heartbroken when his team loses by one point.
I cheer him up the next day, by finding his picture on the front page of the Courier-Journal Sports section. It's up top--follow the player number zero's waistline to the right and about halfway between the player and the edge of the picture is Adam's face. Black jacket with a red shirt.
We really did have a great time. A wise woman (Vicki O'Brien) once told me you can find much happiness if you learn to love what your husband loves, and I do. Anyone who has known me for awhile knows that a lot of those sports words never used to be in my vocabulary. I really do love Louisville fact, as I write this I am hanging out in a Louisville long-sleeve T. And, believe it or not, I love that Adam loves it...especially when I am very secure in the knowledge that as much as Louisville sports is his passion, he loves me just a little bit more.


The Welborn Family said...

Ha ha! I feel your pain all too well! I actually saw a show on Animal Planet (of all places) about a male's obsession with playing sports being a primal urge to prove who's the best and the men and boys that watch have an equal experience because of an emotional connection. Go figure!

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Alas I did not marry a sports fan, how lucky am I? Well not that lucky when you consider the replacement passion is movies but your advice is good and I love what he loves but also for different reasons. He loves Batman, I love Christian Bale, he loves Xmen, I love Hugh Jackman--it all works out.

Lynnie said...

good for you Kristen. That's cool that Adam is in the paper. Erin and I are having way too much fun and I need to go to bed cause its 12:06am.

Merry said...

I was laughing as I read this! And that is good advice to love the things that are important to your love!

Scott & Traci said...

Wow! You are an Amazing Writer! That was hilarious! :) Haha yeah I am learning about sports more now, Scott is actually really good about including me during games and stuff, we went to his favorite Baseball Team in Georgia over the summer and he was super into it, but still payed lots of attention to me :) It was perfect. Sounds like a fun game though! I don't think I've been to a game like that! And I agree about the high heels in bleechers thing, that would be asking for a broken ankle :) You are so fun to read about, thanks for posting! :)

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

P.S. If you go to your dashboard on blogger it will list the number of posts under your blog title. :)