Thursday, January 15, 2009


Monday we took a little trip up to Cincinnati, to "The Brace Shop." Connor is in desperate need of knew KAFOs, or Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses. (Aren't you impressed with my new vocab words?) Basically, they are the full-leg braces with the bar up the sides that allow him to lock his knees back to walk in the walker.

The last time we were at the orthotist here in Louisville, they said the ones he has now (that we got just in April and cost $4000) would maybe last until December or January. He has to walk once or twice a day in them for about an hour, so we really need braces that work. Yesterday I noticed he was starting to get some pretty bad red marks at his knees and upper thighs, so the sooner the better.

We went to The Brace Shop because our neurologist wrote a prescription for a special new type of braces they do there. The orthotist from there went to England and trained with the doctors who created these. They have a little "shelf" in the back that goes under his bottom, so that he can have more stability when he walks and maybe even stand independent of the walker! They also have a hinge at the knee, instead of these horrible 3-strap leather things we have now that totally do not work. And if that all wasn't enough, the plastic has these pictures of trains, planes, cars and trucks on it. I am sooo excited!! No really, I am. These things are a part of our life now and it is so great to hope we'll have something that works even better.

So Connor got casted for the braces, and in 3 weeks we will go back for a fitting and then we get to take them home. Then we'll go back up and have training with the Cincinnati Children's PT on the braces, and see how they help.

So while we were in Cincy, we decided to visit the IKEA. Oh my word, I love that store. I think they should have an income limit, and if you're household income isn't at least $X you should not be allowed in the store because it is pretty much guaranteed you're going to spend way too much. I will say though, that I actually did pretty good. I am the proud new owner of a new set of children's dishes (plates, cups, bowls, and silverware), cutting boards, and a mortar and pestle (thanks, Mom). But...I think we'll be going back again soon.


Merry said...

It IS amazing the vocabulary and interests we pick up as our life experiences change! And it's exciting sometimes too! :) Have fun at IKEA

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

We finally got an Ikea in Utah and I love it! We have the whole dish set as well and use it constantly. Plus oh I can't even name all the stuff I've gotten there, it's a sad obsession. Good luck with the new KAFOs, hope I got that right, they sound great!

Vicki said...

Kristen, I'm so impressed with you. You are so positive about EVERYTHING. First, I loved this post. I'm so happy they are improving Connor's braces.
Second, your blog is too cute.
Third, The BYU "quiz" made me laugh. For Christmas we gave our boys a HUGE BYU rug for their room that looks like the football stadium. Yesterday we painted their room blue and put major BYU stuff all in it. . .can you say, "brain wash?" Whatever works.

Jill said...

I still haven't been to IKEA, but that is probably a good thing. Safer that way.